Frequently Asked Questions


Why Rent?

POS systems are notoriously expensive machines and can be a worthwhile investment for a business that uses a small number of them on a daily basis. Special events and popups only use POS systems for a short window of the year and typically need a lot of them which is very expensive. Keeping the systems maintained, updated, and stored can become a huge liability. STACKS ™ offers a much more cost-effective short term solution for temporary sales needs while alleviating the responsibilities of ownership. When you rent thru us you can rest assured your equipment is always the latest and greatest and arrives in tip-top condition so it's just pug, play, and sell.

What kind of hardware do you rent?

Our primary rentals are for our partner company Square's Point of sale hardware and their accompanying Apple iPad and iPhone devices. We also rent an assortment of event-specific accessories for both to provide you with custom-tailored solutions to fit your needs best.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer our high volume customers bulk discounts that are automatically calculated in your cart based on your order size. If you have a very large event please reach out to us with order details for a custom quote as you may qualify for freight delivery. Freight service typically becomes cost effective on orders exceeding 450lbs.

Why should I use your POS systems at my events?

Not very long ago people looking to purchase anything at events knew paying with cash was generally their only option. Cash on hand become a limiting factor for customers. Events that now use POS systems are seeing over 70% of their sales being made using a credit cards. Customers using our systems for the first time have frequently told us that their rental had paid for itself many times over.

How do I use the POS software?

We chose Square both because we find it the most intuitive sales platform you can adapt for any business, and because its software is completely free to use. First off you will want to create a Square account here. Those familiar with traditional POS features will quickly recognize how to navigate the system both on the computer and iPad. People who are new to POS systems will be able to follow along as the software walks you thru its dashboard. If any portion becomes confusing; select the support tab at the top and explore Square's comprehensive guides for any question you may have. We recommend setting up your account and adding items is done most productively on your computer before using it on your iPad, but either can be done with success.

What are Square's fees?

Square has a completely transparent rate of just 2.6% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe. Most other payment processors have many fees built into the fine print but with Square - that's it.

Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to deliver my rental?

All orders are shipped from Denver, CO and typically arrive between 1-5 business days after being picked up by the carrier. Refer to the map below for an estimated delivery window. Most rental orders placed before 10 a.m can be shipped the same day. 

Are there expedited options?

If you need your rental sooner than ground shipping can provide – request a custom quote with your required delivery date for an accurate rate. Because many of our items are large and/or heavy, expedited shipping can become very expensive. We recommend all our customers place their order at least 1 week in advance of their delivery date.

How is my rental delivered to me?

Orders are loaded into protective packaging and shipped via UPS Ground. When your rental ships you will receive detailed tracking information to the email provided. Any order not delivered to a business address will require signature confirmation. 

How do I return my rental?

Every rental comes with prepaid return shipping labels. Please take note of what items were loaded into each box as they will need to be sent back exactly as they arrived. If you lose your return labels, just contact us and we will be able to email you another copy.

Do you offer In-Store Pickup / Drop off?

If you are in the local Denver area, you can select the free in-store pickup option. Pickups must be scheduled so please wait for the order ready notification and we will contact you to schedule the pickup.

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the United States. International rentals are currently not available.

Shipping seems high, is there a better rate?

Shipping large POS equipment is expensive. Your shipping quote includes both delivery and return shipping for your entire order. We strive to keep rates as low as possible and don't make money on shipping - your rate is our rate. If you have a very large order (12+ POS Systems) you may qualify for freight delivery at a discounted rate. Contact us and include your rental order details and we'll let you know if our freight couriers can beat UPS.

Rental Process

What is the “Rental term” and how long should I select?

The rental term begins from the date of requested delivery and ends on the day the items need to be sent back. A 3-day rental with a requested delivery date of the 20th begins on the 20th and must be returned on the 22nd. A rental is considered returned when tracking info shows that it is in UPS's possession.

What does my selected “delivery” date mean?

The selected delivery date is chosen during checkout and is the date the rental begins and the latest date that you need to have your rental arrive by. We will always make every effort to have packages delivered 1-2 days earlier than the requested delivery date to avoid potential shipping delays. If the selected delivery date cannot be met we will contact you with other options or refund your order.

What's included with my rental?

Every device you rent comes with all relevant accessories. This includes power wires/adapters, protective cases, and auxiliary cabling. In addition, orders being shipped out include prepaid return labels and repackaging supplies.


Something's wrong with my Square account or app

If you're stuck trying to get a feature to behave the way you need it to there are many outlets you can reach to for help. Start here at Square Support for self help where they have a vast knowledge base built by the designers and sellers alike. Get live chat help on their site for a more rapid response. As always, if all else fails feel free to give us a call and support staff will be happy to help.

Square POS system not operating properly

Cables cables cables! Events can be hectic with lots of movement. The most common occurrence of a malfunctioning POS system is a loose or dislodged cable. Quickly check the top right corner of the iPad's screen to see if it is charging. If it is not, refit all connection points between the stand and power outlet including accessory devices. Examine for wet equipment, especially at bars, if too much moisture accumulates on the hardware the equipment may be damaged and needs to be replaced. If this doesn't solve your problem - give our team a call here and we will be happy to help troubleshoot the cause.

Activated 4G device / Jetpack Wi-Fi not working on POS systems

Square POS systems have been designed to use very low amounts of data to process transactions. Paired with the 4G LTE network, they stand the best chance of keeping you connected all day long. As attendees crowd into large festivals though, the network can be put under a considerable strain and may become unreliable. Fear not though, Square has you covered with their offline mode feature. Select the icon in the bottom left of the screen and scroll to settings. Look for "Offline Mode" and turn that on. You are now ready to accept credit card payments network free. When the crowd dies down and you regain connectivity, Square will automatically upload the remaining transactions for processing. Note: Contactless/Chip Card Readers will become inactive during a network outage - use the stand's magstripe reader instead.

Event Services

What is the best Wi-Fi solution for my event?

Event venues are notorious for lacking Wi-Fi and having congested cellular data signals. STACKS ™ carries a number of event Wi-Fi solutions based on your needs. See below for a simple comparison. If you’d like to get our advice or need more advanced Wi-Fi solutions – request a consultation.

4G LTE activation: 

Add to your iPad or iPhone rental for individual internet access for each device. A great option for smaller events using a few POS systems.

4G MiFi hotspots: 

Create your own local Wi-Fi network that efficiently supplies internet to up to 15 nearby devices with reduced interference. Great for larger events with 3 or more POS systems close to one another. Typically higher speed data transfer than 4G activated devices alone.

Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi routers: 

For the fastest speed look no further. With gigabit throughput – eeros are typically 10-20x faster than hotspots and can connect up to 128 devices across your entire event.  Multiple eeros can be paired together to extend the Wi-Fi range indefinitely. The first eero in a series requires a cat-5 cable connection to a modem or router to supply the internet. Best for large events with 10,000+ attendants where 4G cell signal is congested and unreliable.

What is the Onsite Support service?

Have our experts come to your event location to both optimally set up all your hardware and remain onsite to address any technical issues that arise. Have us help train your staff on using the systems. Our trained technicians have seen it all and can provide rapid support to get any problematic machines up and running. We equip our technicians with a quiver of backup hardware to swap out devices as needed to keep the sales going. At the end of the event we will assist in breakdown and repacking.

Hardware delivery of any amount is free with in-state rentals that include onsite service. Contact us to see if onsite support is right for your event.

What are your customization services?

Our tech-savvy team offers many solutions to make software setup a breeze. Hire us to set up your square user interface and item menu and have it preloaded on your POS systems ready to go at startup. Have us collaborate with you to create an integrated mobile or online ordering system to boost sales and speed up lines. Any other ideas? Request a consultation and we’ll be happy to help!

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